We enjoy all our recordings.

That's hardly surprising;
we are a small company
and we record the music we like
in the hope that others will like it too.

When we were listening to the initial compilation of
The Art of the Chaconne
we found ourselves asking: is this our best yet?
We really enjoyed it so much.

The Chaconne (Chacony in English) is the epitome
of all that's best in baroque music:
order, pattern, melody, relaxed
and easy on the ear.

Here we have a programme devoted to the Chaconne.
The instrumentation is varied:
orchestra, organ, harpsichord, lute.
We have some wonderful chaconnes
by many great baroque composers.

This is a programme to study the chaconne,
or just to sit back and enjoy.

Total time: 73:49

BMC 32

The Art of the Chaconne

Henry Purcell: Chacony in g minor
The London Baroque Orchestra

Arcangelo Corelli: Chaconne "La Follia"
Tibor Hegedus, violin / Piotr Kolankowski, organ

Johann Pachelbel: Ciacona in d - Piotr Kolankowski, organ

Henry Purcell: Chaconne from "The Gordian Knot Untied" - orchestra

Jan Antonin Losy: Chaconne - Michael Podolski, lute

Tomaso Antonio Vitali: Chaconne "La Follia"
Tibor Hegedus, violin / Piotr Kolankowski, organ

Gottlieb Muffat: Ciacona - Janos Sebestyen, harpsichord

G F Handel: Chaconne from Organ Concerto Op7/5
Karl Richter, organist/conductor

Diderik Buxtehude: Ciacona in c minor, BuxWV 159 - organ

JS Bach: Chaconne from Solo Violin Sonata BWV 1004
Gergely Sarkozy, guitar

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