ORYX 506


A very special disc created for study, relaxation or meditation.
On this disc we have assembled three programs or groups of pieces.
Each group consists of approximately 20 minutes adagio movements, and terminates with a faster, more lively movement.

Use this program for superlearning,
for meditation, contemplation, relieving stress,
or simply as enjoyable, relaxing listening.

The purpose of this compilation is to induce a state of relaxation, wherein stress is relieved, and the brain is in state receptive to contemplation and learning.

Researchers have found that certain music types ease the brainwaves into the relaxed 'alpha state' that is ideal for Superlearning. One form of this superlearning music is the adagio movements of many baroque composers.

The adagio movements are around 40 to 60 beats per minute. In many string concertos and other works, the adagio movements often encapsulate the quintessential thematic and emotional material. However it is their 40-60 beats per minute and slow rhythm that slow the body and mind functions and allow an alpha state of mind. Each group or program lasts about 20 minutes. These programs are also great for general relaxation and relieving stress.

Group A

JS Bach – Suite 3 BWV 1068: Air
Vivaldi – Guitar Concerto: Largo
JS Bach – Clavier Concerto BWV 1056: Largo
Albinoni – Oboe Concerto Opus 9/11: Largo
Handel – Water Music, Suite 1: Air
Vivaldi – Four Seasons, Winter: Adagio
Wassenaer – Concerto 4: Adagio-Allegro

Group B

JS Bach – 3-Clavier Concerto BWV 1064 flute/violin version: Andante
Wassenaer – Concerto 3: Andante
Handel – Oboe Concerto 2: Andante
Boyce – Concerto Grosso in b: 4th movement
Geminiani – Concerto 9: Largo
Albinoni – Sonata (Symphony) Op 2/5: Adagio
Alessandro Scarlatti Concerto 4: Allegro

Group C

JS Bach – Sonata for Harpsichord & Violin BWV 18: mvt 3
Corelli – Concerto Grosso Op 6/12: 3rd movement
JS Bach – Clavier Concerto BWV 1058: Adagio
Handel – Oboe Concerto 1: Adagio
Corelli – Concerto Grosso Op 6/1: 3rd movement
Alessandro Scarlatti – Sinfonia 12: Adagio-Allegro

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