Volume 5:

Fraureuth (top left)
Helbigsdorf (right)
Reinhardtsgrimma (bottom left)

BACH 738

1: BWV 564:Toccata, Adagio & Fugue in C Major
2: BWV 1027a: Trio in G Major
    Played by Johannes-Ernst Köhler
3: BWV 534: Prelude & Fugue in f minor
4: BWV 541: Prelude & Fugue in G Major
    Played by Hans Otto

5: BWV 587: Aria in F Major
6: BWV 725: Chorale "Herr Gott, dich loben wir"
7: BWV 131a: Fugue in c minor
    Played by Günther Metz

8: BWV 590: Pastorale in F Major
9: BWV 542: Fantasia & Fugue in g minor, "The Great"
    Played by Herbert Collum

Total Time: 79:25

On this disc, featuring three different Silbermann organs, we have some major works, the Toccata, Adagio and Fugue and the "Great" Fantasia and Fugue for example, as well as some lighter works such as the Trio, the Aria and the Fugue in c. So we can demonstrate the richness and power of Silbermann's instruments, as well as the "silvery sounds" famous during Silbermann's time and commented upon so favorably by Mozart.

Particularly typical is the 16' Pedal Posaune found on all his instruments, it gives a clear and definite bass, the "fondament" which Bach considered so important, without being overpowering - so different from the ubiquitous "Bourdon" which manages to boom without giving any clearly definable note. This comes out particularly well in the Chorale Variations BWV 725.

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