Francesco Antonio Bonporti
Francesco Antonio Bonporti

Francesco Antonio Bonporti was born in Trento, Italy where he was baptized in 1672. He trained in Innsbruck then studied theology, and composition under Corelli in Rome. He was ordained, and in 1694 returned to Trento, where for 46 years he held a minor position at the cathedral. He tried throughout his life to obtain higher rank within the church, and to obtain other employment through dedications of his compositions to eminent persons of rank, but he was constantly disappointed in his hope for patronage or ecclesiastical preferment, and he retired to Padua in 1740 where he died in 1749.

Despite lack of official recognition, his compositions became widely known. His numerous trio sonatas (16961705), violin sonatas and concerti, and the 10 Invenzioni (1712) show rich harmonies, unconventional handling of melody and rhythm, and a novel use of instrumental recitative style. Though little recognized today, four of his Invenzioni Opus 10 were mistakenly included in the Bachgesellschaft edition as Bach's works, and one was published by the English composer Henry Eccles as his own. His compositions included four sets of trio sonatas for 2 violins and continuo, a set of Motets for soprano and strings, 3 sets of violin sonatas, and a set of concerti. Three published sets have not survived.

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