Baroque Music Samples
Downloading, listening,saving.

Our music-samples-on-the-net offer two options:
-    right click on the link to download and save to your own computer for later reference,
-    or left click on the link to listen as it comes in.

Either way, please note that this can take time, depending on the type and speed of your connection facility. Cable connection is fast, phone-line connection is slow. We have provided fairly substantial samples for serious listening and assessment. Long ones (generally max 1.5MB) can take 1 or 2 minutes. Loading duration can also vary according to how busy either our site or your site may be.

If you are saving onto your computer, you may wish to make a directory for "saved music" before you start. If you are not sure how to replay it once you've saved it, simply go to your directory (Explore on PCs) and double click the music piece.

If you are left-clicking to play it "live", some sort of program will come up automatically. Depending on which one you have, it may show the download process as a time bar, or it may wait until it has received it all before playing. Or it may load a "buffer" amount then start playing, loading the rest as it plays.

We hope you will enjoy our samples; perhaps they will introduce you to some new composers and their music.

A Baroque Music Sampler
Over two hours of music samples -
Bach, and major baroque composers.



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